All About Pernelson

Hello everyone! I’m Pernelson, as in Personality Nelson. I know this seems a bit odd, and it is, but let me explain. Long story short, I got a little crazy one night with a guy, who’s middle name is Nelson, and my friend Dimples started calling me this. Needless to say, it stuck. So, since most of the events that I write about involve my crazy, fun-loving self (also known as Nelson), I figured that Nelson deserved the credit.

Aside from my entertainment for all of you. I hope to make you laugh until you cry, crack a smile on a bad day at your computer, or maybe even on occasion make you disappointed in my actions. But not to worry, I have no shame. So even if you are disappointed in my actions, I’ll never be disappointed in myself.

A little background on me. I will not disclose my actual name in order to protect myself and others. I am female and between the ages of 20 and 25. I was born and raised in the south and currently live in Virginia.  Brown hair, hazel eyes, and now this is starting to sound like a personal ad. Just know that I could be walking past you everyday or maybe only once in a lifetime. I could be  your average chick, a raging bitch, or a one in a million type of girl. I’ll let you develop your own option on that. Consider me the bit of mystery that you may need in your life.

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    Hi! Thanks for subscribing my blog. 😀

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