So I have been debating recently about putting more thoughts on paper. I have all these crazy (and sometimes far fetched) stories bouncing around in my head. I just wonder what could come of them if I put them down for the world to read. 

Good or bad? I’m not sure. My hold back is the vulnerability that comes with it. I’m not a strong writer and I definitely have a bad habit of assuming you know what I’m talking about and not properly conveying important points like the setting. I barely know how to write to make you feel, smell, or taste anything in my story, which for me is frustrating because I want people to know and love my writing. For it to be great. 

Nevertheless, I think my biggest hold back would be that in each of these stories there is a piece of me. A piece that I don’t expose to anyone. Critical comments would be taken personally and be very hurtful. 

Ultimately I think I need to get this thoughts out. Regardless of the risk, the challenge and relief would be worth it. Plus, I have the time to write and develop myself.