The panic. The fear. The breathless. The The illusion of reality. Until it becomes real then what you do?

You wake up.

You start to lose the visions in your mind. You start to panic just a little bit inside. You think. You think hard. Yet every thought seems to escape you.

And some form of reality begins to make sense. You’re not where you thought you were.


You get that uneasy feeling that settles in the pit if your stomach. You know something is wrong. You don’t know where it begins, where it ends.

And one profound thought fills your mind. Negative overwhelms you. You try to ignore it. But it just keeps coming back. It is at the fore most thought of your mind at all times even though you don’t want to be. You know something is wrong but you cannot do anything.


I want you here with me now. So I can hold you my arms and cry silently. But alas, we are worlds apart. Some by our choosing, some not.

Return to me.