I hate that moment when you realize that you miss someone. That moment when all you want to do is curl up in their arms and relax and fall into a deep sleep. Cry silently to yourself.

It’s in that moment that emotions win. They get the best of you. They are uncontrollable and sneaky. And I can’t control them. They leave me marginally breathless. They untie the very strings that hold me together. Disarm me. Make me vulnerable.

So do you.


Kidnapping A Cub

What do you do when you find yourself accidentally, on purpose dating a cub? You panic! And think this CANNOT be happening.

What the hell are you thinking!?

But seriously, a 6 year age difference and he is the cub. Everything in your past is screaming at you that this is a TERRIBLE idea. And you know it and it’s going well but you are just waiting in the moment for shit to go bottoms up.