Old Dominion Cotillion

This weekend I had the lovely job of participating in the Old Dominion Cotillion. Now I am not a debutante, and never will be, but I like to dress up, love to eat and enjoy a few cocktails.

VMI Cadets

Thursday night began with a Ring Dance. During this evening, the fathers present their debs with a ring that is specially designed for their debutante class. The mothers present their daughters with a bar stool. The stool is designed by each mother and is a reflection of the daughter. Finally, the debs meet their cadet escorts. After all the ceremony, we eat, dance, and drink.

VMI Cadets--Saber arch practice.

Friday night is rehearsal night. We practice for literally 5 hours until it is perfect.

VMI Cadets--Ball night introduction.

Saturday night is the main event. It’s the night of the ball when all the girls are make their premiere to society in their beautiful white gowns. We get to enjoy a wonderful meal, showcase our dance moves, down a few glasses of wine, and participate in the grand march.

Ready for the Ball.


One thought on “Old Dominion Cotillion

  1. Cindy says:

    Yes, it was a lovely and magical night for the Old Dominion Cotillion Debutantes of 2011! I’m happy that you enjoyed sharing it with us.

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