Play Date

As a grown woman I feel like I’m entitled to an adult play date, and by damn it I had one last night. Now it’s not what you think. There was no bumping of the uglies. There was however a wonderful make out sesh followed by a peaceful, easy, relaxed sleep.

It was nice. Real nice. It felt right. Effortless. Happy. Really happy. Like a level of happiness I haven’t felt in a really long time. I call it my quiet happy. I’m so happy that I’m perfectly content in the space of the person and don’t need to utter a word. My heart rate agrees with this too. It also relaxes with the rest of my body. I’m talking like down in the low 40s. I love it. It’s like my own little self induced high.

I have another play date for next week and I can’t wait. Absolutely cannot wait.

The best part is that I legitimately think Clapper feels the same way.


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