I went to confession today with Mr. Breadstick.

Mr. Breadstick: “Where is that storm? How’s the ol beach? Gotten any darker?”

Me: “No idea. I haven’t watched the weather channel in a few days. Perhaps it was pushed north?  The beach is good. Had the lifeguards come by for the first time. Got starred at. It was awkward. We now have neighborhors too. And yes. I am really dark. How’s base? Better than in days past?”

Mr. Breadstick: “Hahah you got oggled? Because you are so dark perhaps? The neighbors cool? It’s better, but still gay. PT test at 5 am today, waiting around to go on a ruck with like an empty ruck. Pointless? I think so but the days are better. There is a gym really close and its been useful.”

Me: “Yes I got oggled. I’m blaming it on Sunshine. The blondes. They are always lookers. I hate having neighbors down here. They disturb the peace. How did the PT test go? And yea a ruck march with an empty ruck …pointless. Maybe it’s more for those who don’t do ruck marches like the school does.”

Mr. Breadstick: “Haha Did you feel gross, attractive, or indifferent? Uh PT test went well, maxed everything but the run with time to spare, and I did a minute better on the run than last time. The ruck should be whatever, apparently its slow as fuck.”

Me: “I don’t know what I felt.  Have been doing a lot of thinking while I’ve been down here and I really don’t know why I do the things I do sometimes. But I still have no regrets about the decisions I have made. Good job on the pt test and day dream on your ruck. It’ll pass the time on your Sunday stroll. Ha”

Mr. Breadstick: “Hahah think it’s saturday Nelson =p. Thinking going well? Feel progress at all? I’m pretty sure we gotta work sunday and monday. In a week or so, we should be clearing our stx lanes, and be doing work work. Have you been to louisville?”

Me: “Sunday Saturday. Psh. Minor details. Thinking is going. thoughts are all over the place and probably will be until I get settled somewhere. Let’s hope they subside at some point and this isn’t a marathon of analysis like it was last time. Thinking about that makes my head hurt. This is going to sound really dumb but what the hell is a stx lane? Understand a lot of lingo but I do not get that one. I have never been to Louisville but I’ve driven past it a lot. Ha. Only been to base once and that was 2 years ago.”

Mr. Breadstick: “Over analysis isn’t good. Sometimes you need to think about it, and then just go with it. Not get too caught up in it. Stx lanes is what we do at school w blanks n shit, tactics. so I should be opfor.”

Me: “I know but sometimes its like I obess over a topic until I find an answer. Not healthy but its like I can’t turn off my brain. Ah. Ok. That makes more sense to me. Opfor is a good position right?”

Mr. Breadstick: “Better than being stuck in a building as S1 or S3 working 12hr shifts under some douchebag who is overbearing and a number nazi.”

Me: “Hahhahaha. Well put!!!! I had isn’t mental images of Dog and Boobs.”

Mr. Breadstick: “Basically, but you can’t sass these people. Hahha oh Train came up to me grad day, put his hand out. I shook it, he said good luck. I said good luck with your 16 standards sir. He wasn’t happy.”

Me: “Ha. You’re such an ass Mr. Breadstick and I’m so happy you said that. At least you took the high road and didn’t say anything about Mease.”

Mr. Breadstick: “Yea, I talked to Smelly about her, and he outlined it in a pretty honest manner, admitted it looks bad, but hey this is what shes dealing with so I dropped it.”

Me: “At least he was honest with you. I’ll give him props for that. I like him but I don’t trust him.”

Mr. Breadstick: “Smelly? I’ve  actually come to respect him. He’s a nervous nelly, but you just gotta calm him down and he pretty much shot straight with me. I was really to the point with him, so that mighta helped.”

Me: “Yea true but I have seen the way he operates. I feel like he’d burn you in a hot minute. That’s why I don’t let him get too close. Any of the staff members for that matter.”

Mr. Breadstick: “Oh yea he would if like someone did shit they really weren’t supposed to, but at least he’s honest about it? Dog SGM, Train, and Boss especially  seem deceptive?”

Me: “Yeah I know which is why I keep him away from me. Perception is reality to most for them. I like Dog. We can relate about a lot of things but I don’t discuss anything but general topics with him and he feeds into it. I love SGM. He can be a real ass sometimes but he has feelings and he tells you what he thinks. I don’t get close to him though because I don’t like his wife. She’s a cunt. Train is ok. Too closed minded for my taste. Boss I could be friends with but once again his wife is a problem. Plus its better to keep your boss as far from your personal affairs as possible.”

Mr. Breadstick: “Hmm reoccurring problem much?”

Me: “Yes. Ha. I don’t really get along with most women and most women find me threatening anyways. I play nice for a while but when I can see straight through their bullshit I get irritated and decide that its not worth the trouble. I have lost many friends over women being jealous territorial bitches.”

Mr. Breadstick: “That is true. Hey at least you aren’t one!”

Me: “I’m not. Use to be then I realized how utterly stupid it was. I am much more direct when I need to be now and it has paid off.”

Mr. Breadstick: “It does indeed work.”

Me: “It is however under appreciated.”

We have a such constructive conversations.


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