I really don’t understand why people continue in relationships when they are clearly unhappy. It makes zero sense. Zero. I constantly here people complain about how their significant other does this or that. And the things that they describe are pretty bad. Deal breakers for me. But when I comment “I don’t see why you put up with that shit.” I get shunned. They act all offended like I shot their dog or something, and it literally makes me want to vomit when they say “But I love them.” All well and fine but the good always should out weigh the bad and when it stops so should your shitty ass relationship.

If you are unhappy, then do not complain about the situation and if you do I have no sympathy. Unhappiness should be followed by change. Change for the better. As Boot says you are responsible for your own happiness. Furthermore, your happiness should never be invested in anyone other than yourself. Investing your happiness in others is a recipe for disaster.

The fakeness and “trying to make it work” in most of today’s relationships is turning me off to relationships all together. It makes me never want to get married. I’d rather be happy, travel the world, and get my love when I need it from healthy sources.


4 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. liberalcynic says:

    i think it’s easier said than done. Some relationships are messed up because of lack of communication, and effective communication takes time. Sometimes a little complaining to a friend helps us realize where to draw the line. Just my two cents

    • Pernelson says:

      It most definitely is easier said than done and a little bit of complaining I think is normal. Unfortunately the particular relationship I’m referencing is so unhealthy. Their communication is far too much because they do not trust each other. My friend complains every time he calls or comes in conversation, yet she wants to marry him. I don’t understand it. As an outsider looking in, I see it as an emotionally abusive relationship. She doesn’t. She has her blunders on. But after listening to the same thing for her for 5 years, it makes me not even want to talk to her anymore because it’s the same old broken record. The worse is she’s only 22. She has so much ahead of her and he sucks the life out of her.

      • liberalcynic says:

        Yeah complaining for so long about your significant other is a little weird. Does she praise him at all or describe anything postive about the relationship that might offset all the negatives. If not, she is in an addictive relationship.

      • Pernelson says:

        Rarely does she praise him. Usually she is either complaining about him or putting him down. It’s not healthy or fair to either of them.

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