Missing Someone

Nothing is worse than being miles away from someone and they are always on your mind. It’s like an annoying ass gnat that just won’t go away. You are just going about your business and boom! You catch yourself thinking about them. Instantly I’m like “What the fuck!?” and try to think of anything but that person. But never fear the thought is that person is like the black plague. It just keeps coming back.

Every little fucking thing makes you reference them. You want to talk about them and their names tastes so good on your lips. The feeling on your tongue when you utter their name is damn near ecstasy. You want so badly to be near them. You crave their touch, sound of their voice, the way that they look at you. You lust after meaningful conversation with them but refrain from calling or texting only because you don’t want to appear like a stage five clinger.

But why? Why do you feel this way and why to you shy away from contact with them? What holds you back from just saying how you feel? Just simply letting go?

I. Miss. You.


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