Now I am not usually one for surprises because they are things that are beyond my control and they make me panic a little bit, but I have made up my mind that the next guy (that I like) that surprises me (in a good way), I will consider allowing him to have a shot.

I’m fairly reserved when it comes to guys and actual relationships. I have been hurt a lot and taken advantage of, so the future men in my life will have to forgive my bitterness. It will one day, with the right person, go away. But in the mean time lets face it, I’m not a relationship, cuddling, romantic person (vomit). The very thought of it makes my body shiver and my nose crinkle up at the thought.

Now with all that said, I’m interested in getting back in the dating game, but I have made up my mind about a few things.

1. The guy is going to approach me.

2. If he wants me, he is going to have to chase me.  I’m not an easy catch considering that I have attention span of a gnat.

3. I will have to see real emotion and commitment out of a man before he will ever see who I really am. This is asking a lot I know but I’m not willing to put myself out there just to get slapped in the face.

4.   It will be a give and take situation. I will not bend over backwards, if he will not do the same.

5. He will have to balance me and his friends, because let’s face it, I will do the same but my friends will always come first. I need my space and I don’t want him suck up my ass 24/7.

6. He will have to be approved of by a large panel of judges. If a majority of my friends reject him, adiós.  Clearly, they are seeing something I’m not, because I’m not bothering to look hard enough.

7. He must know how to handle me at my best and at my worst. At my worst I am truly a nightmare in and a half. Whether angry or upset, I will be losing my nugget.

8. He must respect my animals and my right to do what the hell I want, when I want to include my random bits of travel.

9. If he chooses a video game over me, it’s done. On the spot termination.

10. He must have the means to carry on an intelligent meaningful conversation while be respectful of everyone’s opinion in the room.


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