You Know You’re Getting Old When…

1. Your idea of a great Friday night is spent in bed with pizza and the remote.

2. Your epic clubbing/bar hopping night ends before midnight, you’ve only had 5 beers in 3 hours and you feel drunk, and the hangover the next more feels more like you drank a handle of liquor.

3. You go to bed before 10 any given night of the week.

4. You decide that an intellectual conversation is more important than sex.

5. That new radio station is playing all the music you listened to in high school.

6. You realize that your clothes make you look like a straight slut and it’s time to upgrade your closet.

7. You are actually interested in the news and your day gets very fucked up when you miss it.

8. You realize you actually have responsibilities that prevent you from having fun.

9. You cook all your meals instead of going out and all dinner meals are usually accompanied by a glass of wine.

10. Your idea of a perfect vacation involves more sleep, books and tv, then booze, beer pong, flip cup,  rocking out, and fatass face stuffing.


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