Let me just recap the absurdity that is my day.

First, I’ve been up since 8AM yesterday. No sleep and going strong.

Second, on the way home this morning I had to avoid hitting a rabbit, a rodent, a deer and a bird. And also I had to avoid getting hit by a tractor trailer.

Third, I get home, take my shower. Doing my thing, you know. I’ve got one eye done up with the makeup of the day when I hear “eppp epppp epppppp”. What the hell?! It stopped. No worries. “Eppp epppp epppp epppp!” Shit. None of my cats are in the bathroom with me where they normally are. Shit. I have a mouse in the house. So I peak out of the bathroom and sure enough my three cats were hovered around a field mouse. They chased it downstairs at which point the mouse chased back and Dewey and Andy ran!  Mí batted the mouse around for about 30 seconds, got bored and walked away. A lot of good they did me. I spent the next half hour in my underwear and tank attempting to corner the little mouse to put him outside. During this time I was bent over or squatting by the door. The door which is glass and the public can see in. Oh well. Too late now.

Fourth, I saw a man in town today that looked like Snoop Dogg.

Fifth, team Fat Chance won second place in the weight lost challenge. Our team consided of iamsohip and myself. Both of us are small people and how we got second is boggling. But hey it’s $75 in our pockets.

Sixth, Clapper texted me today with an opening line of, “So the lax coach just called and said ‘Your girlfriend called me.'” The girlfriend reference was about me calling the lax coach yesterday for a work reason. Clapper didn’t deny anything. As a matter of fact he encouraged it. And at practice we were discussing this weekends arrangements. He is traveling with the team and I’m going on vacation!  Either way, I left the night with “Call me if you need anything.” His response, “Can I call you even if I don’t?”

Finally, I have now been awake for 42.75 hours. It took me all day to write this due to the busy nature of the day(s). It’s time for some nappage.



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