Tracking Device / Fuck Buddy

It seems to me that whenever a person becomes “taken”, in whatever sense if the word that may be, everybody else comes out of the wood work. It’s like they have a tracking device on your relationship status or something. I mean seriously. This is a wee bit ridiculous. How does a guy honestly expect commitment or even exclusivity given that there are all of these other dog chomping at the bit?

Another day. Another time for that pondering session.

On another note I offer some advice from Sunshine concerning fuck buddies. According to Sunshine one should have the following requirements prior to reaching an eligible fuck buddy status:

1. You must have at least 3 notches on your belt before you can handle the fuck buddy status.

2. You must be a douchebag.

3. You must be able to say, “I’m just here for the sex. None of that emotional bullshit.”

4. If you are having that emotional issue then you need to go nail a few hoodrats and then revisit the issue.

5. A fuck buddy only works if it’s good.

And for her final quote of the evening, “He hasn’t had any since high school!?!  Damn. I thought I was in a drought.”


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