Field Exercising

Ah! That’s my mood description at the moment and what it has been since I last posted. Let me give a small recap of the past few days.

Friday: I spent all day administering a physical fitness test. This sounds easy right? I thought so as well, but was quickly proved wrong. During the first test, I was yelled at for the run course being marked incorrectly. The best part was I was never even in charge of marking the course. After we reviewed the issue, it turns out that the problem was with the equipment we were provided with. Lovely. Whatever.  We fixed the issue. It was just highly irritating. The second round of testing consisted of lots of bitching and complaining. Standard as always. Overall, it was a fairly boring, ahitty day that didn’t end until 0930 PM.

Saturday: Early morning with the 5K run, at which I got yelled at as well for the lack of communication, that was once again not my fault. I had explained in full detail what I needed my workers to do and they still managed to fuck it up. Thus I got stuck with the sentiment of a public apology. The day led into the special olympics, during which I did far beyond what I was suppose. Exhausted and irritated are never a good combination. The night ended on a lame note. Watching The Sopranos and bed at midnight. 

Sunday: Luckily I got to sleep in until 12. But then it was up and adam to work. At work, we thought and planned. My workers painted and stained. A lovely day of community service. Went home after a while and fell into my bed for a 2 hour nap. I was exhausted and I don’t have a clue as to why. Nappage to showers to dinner to The Sopranos again. A lazy Sunday is what I call that.

Monday: I realize it’s not noon yet but damn I’m in a pissy mood. First thing this morning I dropped my phone in milk. Crap. Just what I needed.

Then I get to work and my coworker, of whom I absolutely hate. If I could rip the bitch’s face off I would. When she dies I will jump for joy. Anyways, she lays into me about something work related. My response back was basically I’m in a bad mood, go away, here’s what we did to fix the problem. To which she replies, upset of course, that she has food poisoning yesterday (I really could give a shit less.), she was asking me a question as a professional (To which I wanted to say I don’t feel like being very professional at the moment so fuck off.), and the she just kept on and on. I literally almost lost my nugget on the bitch. Typing this now makes me so angry.

My workers and I finally depart for out work site for the day. We get here and I can’t get half of them to do what I asked them to do. It’s pissing me off but it is making the other workers even angrier. Ah. Boys.

Whatever. It’s off to lunch.


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