Since summer time is approaching (although you wouldn’t be able to tell from the weather the past few days), I decided that I needed to get my brown on. As in, fake and bake. Yes, I know it’s unhealthy and blah blah blah, but I refuse to be a ghost. Nevertheless, as I was laying in my fake and bake machine listening to an old country song, I really got to thinking about standards. Not only your own personal standards, but societies standards of beauty and how it’s usually the direct opposite of what you actually are.

Let’s take white people. We are, well, white. Yet so many of us strive to be tan. Tan is ideal, as is blonde hair, eyes that pop, and huge tits. (Thank you Hollywood.) When we put on that bathing suit we want to look like all we do is stay in the sun. We want to be lean with a great ass. I get it. But why can’t we settle be being happy and white (with lots of sunscreen)?

In contrast the Asian and African-American culture are darker skin tones, yet their culture emulates light notes. “Coffee” is what I have heard is the best color for an African-American. For the Asian culture it’s has white has they can get.

I know that we all have our standards, but sometimes I think the standards of society morph our abilities to find the beauty in the norm. For instance, does it really make any sense that I should turn down a guy because he is neon white, or jet black? No it doesn’t. If the gentleman has the physically attractive qualities that I desire, then his skin pigment is a moot point.

Adults need to be more like children and see beyond color. Don’t lower your standards, but see beyond “society’s” ideals.


2 thoughts on “Standards

  1. iamsohip says:

    Seriously – check that very RELEVANT link out!

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