Out Of The Office

So I know I’ve been out of the net recently. I have been very busy at work and on vacation. I find that I have a harder time blogging on vacation. Maybe it’s because I am out of my usual schedule. Maybe because I’m lazy. Maybe because I’m busy seeing the wonders of the world. (Yes, I do that frequently.) Regardless, my bad. Forgive me.

So here’s a little update of my life. I’m stressed out! I have been so stressed and busy that I offered to pay Sunshine to come clean my house. Anyways,  I have been looking for jobs, which is one thing that I hate to do. I have been busy at work planning for a huge event that last five days. Five whole days of community service. I have been caring for my very, very sick cat, Lucy. She has toxoplasmosis. She is making a slow come around. It’s been 13 days since she went to the vet. Poor thing has lost so much weight, and could have possibly suffered brain damage. She had an extremely high fever for 11 of those days. It’s too soon to tell though. I have been busy molesting Mr. Soup, and feeling feelings. Ew. I have been preparing the Club LAX team for a game. Those boys are going to kill me one day. I just know it.

There is a whole bunch of other things going on as well. I’m just not in the mood to discuss them at the moment. But the one thing I do want to talk about is how much men claim to be players, but really they are pussy whipped. I have a friend, FireNY, who doesn’t really claim to be a player but he does claim to be one of the bros. He loves his bros. He really does, but last night he made a choice to miss LAX practice (the bro-est thing there is) to deal with his “relationship issues”. Let me break it down for you like this. FireNY doesn’t really like his girlfriend, but he feels bad about breaking up with her because she has no one else. Last time I checked, her having no one else is not his problem, and he needs to do what makes him happy. Instead he continues to wallow in the filth of a relationship that he has. It’s beyond repulsive. Now, I love this kid and would do anything for him, but dude it’s bros before hoes. It’s getting to the point that I’m about to smack him with a hard dose of reality because he is chasing a dead-end, wasting his time, and his bros are getting annoyed as fuck with it (but still won’t say anything).

Always leave it to a woman to be a crazy bitch.


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