Power Outages

So in the event of a power outage what do you do?My family use to light candles and read books. We were quiet and as a kid I was bored to tears.

I haven’t had that issue come up in 10 years until today. I was at lax practice and it started to rain. Awesome. Then the lightening started, at which we stopped practice. As we were walking for cover, all the lights on the field went out. Great. Pitch black in the middle of the field in the thunderstorm. My first thought: Why do all of these other people have to be here? All I want to do is grab Mr. Soup right here and smother him with my affection. Damn it.

Instead I walked away. We had a team meeting, during which I eye fucked the shit out of him in the dark. Then I drove him and two others back to school. Trust me if those other two boys hadn’t been there I would have jumped his bones. On the drive I realized that I had no power at home. Damn it!!!  No sex and no power. Rudeness. 

Upon arriving home, I meddled over what to do. I had one candle and a flashlight. I wasn’t about to read by flashlight.  Then it clicked. I had a computer, the movie “War and Peace”, and oreos. Yeah late night indoor camping!!!  Watching “War and Peace” got real boring, real quickly. So I got to thinking. Thinking about this and that. Nothing of major importance. Then light blub went off. I had a profound thought: Power outages are only good for two things. Sleep and sex.

And I’m not getting either tonight  so I suppose I’ll just stick to watching “War and Peace” and blogging. But I will say that sleep and sex during an adult power outage would be far more fun than candles and reading.


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