Have you ever noticed how much time you spent waiting? Waiting at a stop light. Waiting in line to check out, order food, use the restroom, etc. Waiting on people, on your animals, on grandma to cross the street. Waiting on your career, future significant other, next fuck. You spend hours upon hours of doing nothing but waiting.

You are waiting on something all the time. And all that time you are waiting you are generally wasting it as well. Instead of capitalizing on every moment of your life, most people are allowing it to pass by with dumbfounded looks on their faces. And without fail they always ask, “Where did the time go?”

So instead of regretting the time you wasted on something, use your time more wisely and only devote it to the people or causes that you really care about. In the end you reep what you sow. So sow wisely. Invest in the meaningful. Don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours.


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