He fell into something like you.
Powerful. Captive.
Appearences deceived. 
He peered at you with envy. Rich. Boundless.
A shape shifter of the earth and a life provider.
His eyes were captived by your glory.
You touched him in so many ways. Both in and out.
You engulfed his love. Every inch.
You swallowed and smothered his kindness.
You showed him your true colors.
Powerful. Mighty. Unforgiving.
You showed him bounds of the possible.
You touched him in ways no one else ever could.
You moved over his body. Lusting his warmth away.
You stole his beauty. His soul.
A soul so joyous and forgiving that even in death,
He shines brighter than you ever will.
You may be here forever,
But he took a little piece of my heart with him.
And that is something I hope you never have the privilege of knowing. 


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