3 Words

So today’s inspiration came to me last night in the middle of sex. A random time to think of blogging but this topic literally just hit me like a ton of bricks.

Picture it. You are in the middle of semi drunk hot passionate sex. You are in the zone. Your partner is mumbling his approval. Clear as day he drops the three word bomb. Not I like you, I hate you, fuck me now, or get off me, but the other dreaded three word bomb.


REALLY!?!?!?! What the fuck dude?! So what did I do? Pretend like I didn’t hear him. That’s right. Mr. Soup  professed his love for me in the middle of having great sex and I ignored him. I like you, that would have been ok. I love you, that’s like taking a sucker punch to the gut. It’s really uncalled for. And to top it off we aren’t even dating. And you see I would expect this from a girl because bitches be crazy, but not from him.

But the blurting of I love you got me to also thinking about my reaction. Is the thought of feeling so overwhelming that I don’t believe I have the capacity to actually feel?  Was my reaction of silence because I am ignoring the saying, the thought and the feeling of true emotion? I think its definitely possible for me to be ignoring all the feels that I have. I know that it’s wrong. That I need to let my guard down. Feelings are not my strong suit. Nothing about them makes sense. Logic is were it’s at.

Ok but enough of my ramblings. I suppose I’ll go get ready. I’m going back to high school and Mr. Soup is taking me for a ride in his truck later. I love you or not, his truck is hot and I want to ride in it.


One thought on “3 Words

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