Without Cell Phones

So I went on a people watching quest last night at dinner. Peace and I went to a local place that is similar to a hibachi grill. Upon arriving we were sitting with two other girls who were probably 19/20 years old. Peace and I continually gabbed about this and that, the upcoming beach trip, room arrangements, food, and unicorns of course. As we were talking I’d casually scope the room and I notice families taking too many shots with their children present, another family having a good Saturday night bonding time, and then the two girls at our table. They would carry on light dinner (likely gossip) conversation, but when the current topic ended. They didn’t transition to the next but rather picked up their phones.

I was utterly perplexed by this. Here was Peace and I talking like normal bouncing conversation around, no phones in sight. The girls across the table appeared to be incapable of such actions. It made me start thinking. Has our conversation been invaded by technology so much that we are incapable of mastering the art of communication?

If we removed the cell phones from the girls’ situation, what would they do? It plays out like this for me: small talk here and there with long gaps of awkward silence. I believe that most of become physically handicapped in transitions. New topics aren’t thought up kept in the back of your mind. They are pulled from a social network. If people don’t update their status or tweet, they cease to exist in conversation. Anything remotely considered profound will never be discussed because it’ll never be referenced.

It makes me wonder how much people are missing about the world around them simply because they don’t observe. So please put down the cell phone and just look at everything passing you by. If you don’t you are going to miss something. I promise you that.


One thought on “Without Cell Phones

  1. iamsohip says:

    It’s why I took up knitting… breaking the phone habit is the first step. Then experiencing.

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