Sonia Leigh–Roanoke, VA

“Stopped in my tracks like a heart attack. Oh you, you really got to me. So short of breath. So real I can’t handle it. The way you affect me so easily. So I try with all my might to do what’s right. Let you pass by. Please just don’t call me tonight. I just might. I just might.”


Last night I went to see Sonia Leigh in Roanoke with iamsohip. I must say that I love this woman’s music. Every song that she sung really spoke to me. Each lyric reminded me of something important to me. One of the songs that she sung last night that really hit the nail on the head for the day I was having was “I Just Might” (see below). The opening verse of the song literally gave me chills. I was definitely thinking of Mr. Soup, which I must admit pissed me off just a little. Even iamsohip said that Sonia was “singing to me tonight”.

Damn. It’s true. I felt like she could see straight into my soul. That’s what makes Sonia such a great artist. She lets her music speak for itself, yet she connects with everyone in the place. That’s what makes me admire her the most. Her music is therapy to my soul.

Also, another sweet one about my home state. Something about this song just takes me back to summer time and being free as a bird.


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