Cab Goes Bananas

This is just a horrible accident. This poor man driving the cab ran off the road and struck a group of people. None were injured but the crowd was pissed off. They pulled him out of the car and beat him. And now America sounds like a third world country. Sweet.

In all seriousness though, can you imagine just standing there and all of a sudden you are face to face with a car? Wow. It’s a very terrifying thought to me. One of my larger fears is being hit by a car. I have no idea way, but it’s to the point that in get a bit nervous crossing the street. I think some of it boils down to the fact that I know a majority of drivers aren’t paying attention. They are eating, talking, messing with the radio, texting, reading the news, applying makeup, etc. Basically any and everything but actually driving. Now I’m guilty of all of the above and then some, but that doesn’t make it ok. I know I’m playing with death, but I still do it. Why I can’t tell you. Maybe for the thrill? Regardless, cars scare me when I’m not in control of them. That taxi driver could be anyone at anytime. Goes to show you that even when you think you’re in control you aren’t.


2 thoughts on “Cab Goes Bananas

  1. Ms. EatsALotOfCheeseburgers says:

    My first reaction when reading this story a few days ago was that maybe he had a medical issue. The crowd dragging him out and beating him was beyond unnecessary. Everyone jumps to conclusions of drunk driving, texting, etc., but people only later consider medical conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, and the like. A girlfriend of mine wrecked her car into another after driving 8 blocks past her destination due to a diabetic issue. She later found out that numerous people had called 911 to report a drunk driver since she was driving so erratically. Point being: some people are making poor decisions, but those of us not involved should not always jump to conclusions.

    • Pernelson says:

      Agreed. I had a friend that wrecked her truck for the same reason. Her blood sugar bottomed out and she passed out behind the wheel. Medical issues cause more accidents than people realize.

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