Another Passing.

Today we laid to rest another great woman. Mrs. Karen Gutermuth passed away over the weekend. She had lost her battle with cancer. She lived a wonderful passed year filled with joy and laughter.

A short thought occurred to me after attending all of these funerals. I am going to write my own. Why? Because I don’t want anyone fucking up my service with something they think that I’d like. I’m orginial and damn it I want my funeral to be a direct reflection of me. Maybe it’s a bit morbid to write my own but at least I’ll be content knowing that my family doesn’t have to do it.


One thought on “Another Passing.

  1. col g's son says:

    i wouldnt suggest writing yer own. very rarely do the ppl left behind actually follow what yer wishes were. near the end there, my mom deciced that a funeral would benefit her friends/family. we never have funerals in our family, but sometimes more than just our family has to greave.

    anyway , i didnt attend her services, bc i know that her spirit is free to go where it wants.

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