Straight Murking People.

Stuff like this absolutely captivates my attention. Please explain to me how he had the ability to kill all those people. I know he said that he thought he could kill the prostitutes “because I thought I could kill as many as I wanted without getting caught.” Well, yes, maybe. He could certainly kill more people like that versus CEO’s of companies.

Regardless, 49 people (that we know of) between 1972 at 1998*. That is more than two people a year. He was doing some legit work. But it begs the question of how did the local police not catch on? 49* unsolved cases. 49. All because of one man.

I’m utterly perplexed by this man.

*There are 49 confirmed kills between 1972 and 1998. He confessed to 71 murders, but he is believed to be responsible for 90 plus.


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