I Made A List Once

A list of 25 random things about me. Now here we are a little over two years later. Let’s see what admins need to be made to this.

Mr. Soup's truck. To-fucking-die for.

KC and I. Love this horse.

1. I hate leaf blowers. They are the devil. Yep still true.
2. Nothing is hotter than a guy in boots, jeans, t-shirt, and a baseball hat driving a big, jacked-up truck. Or I can settle for a really hot guy in a big, jacked-up truck. Yum.
3. I will always have a bitter relationship with my father even though I love him. Yep. Still true. I probably hate him even more now.
4. To be family you don’t have to be kin. Definitely true, and we can add to that. Even if you are my blood kin, doesn’t mean you are my family.
5. I don’t like beer. I prefer dark liquor. New year. New leaf. I’m drinking beer. Both Woodchucks and Coors Light, but yes I do still prefer dark liquor. Crown ❤
6. I am just like my mother in more ways than one. If it’s not a crown and coke, it’s a glass of wine. No further explanation needed.
7. Serial killers fascinate me. I got a book for Christmas about Charles Manson. I was incredibly excited.
8. I have anger issues. Still there but getting more manageable.
9. I hold grudges for longer than you can imagine. Still true.
10. Black is my favorite color. Purple is right up there though.
11. I will not be one of those born, raised, die in the same small town type of people. Definitely still true! I will be moving here soon, and it will be out-of-state.
12. Immaturity pisses me off. And ignorance.
13. I love tall horses and fast motorcycles. And the Audi R8. Sweet baby Jesus.
14. My toes are always painted red. Or nude. Or black. Or purple. Or gray.
15. I have been wearing the same size clothes since I was in 7th grade. Still true and still being hated for it.
16. I LOVE being a huge bitch. It pleases me more than you know. Makes me giggle because I was this past weekend and it was awesome.
17. I will go to the end of the earth and back for my friends, but I would rather that they go with me. True.
18. My eyes are NOT green! They are hazel. Yeah, still true.
19. My time is precious. Don’t waste it. Nothing irritates me more than wasting my time and ignoring me.
20. I am the multi-tasking queen. Yes, but I’ve learned to take things slower.
21.Practical gifts are the best. And books.
22. I am a southern girl who drinks sweet tea like it’s water. Yep. Still doing that.
23. I have a favorite place in the world and I don’t share it with many people. Within the past 2 years, I haven’t shared my place with anyone.
24. I am a book worm and I went to nerd school. Still true. I don’t even have TV.
25. My therapy is listening to rap music. And Marilyn Manson.


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