Why Americans Don’t Travel Abroad


I know that if I had the chance I’d travel all of the time. I’ve been to Australia, England, France, Denmark, Hungary, and the Bahamas. I would not trade my experiences for anything in the world. I’ve not only learned about other cultures but myself as well. I value myself and my up bringing a lot more having seen the things that I have. I know that being an American is a value that I should embrace. The problem is that no one else really likes us. Sad but true. Regardless, I hope that more people take the chance to travel and run with it. So people if you haven’t, run! Run boldly into the abiss and ser things that you never thought was possible.


2 thoughts on “Why Americans Don’t Travel Abroad

  1. happypoppeye says:

    Interesting opinionated post. Thanks for sharing.

    A few of my opinions on the opinions from CNN. First let me say that I have had a chance to travel and I have taken advantage of it and here is what I find…

    CNN: “America has it all”
    Me: Typical American thinking… Yes, America some alot of great landscapes and cities, but all? C’mon. We don’t have vast herds of large animals roaming around (except for buffalo that is). WAmerica only has miniturized versions of deserts compare to the Gobi, Rub al-Khali and Sahara. American doesn’t have tropical rain forests (mainland that is). We don’t have the thousands of cultures that are spread throughout the world… America has alot, and some could spend a lifetime traveling around just this country, no doubt, but not everything.

    CNN: “Americans tend to choose money over leisure time.”
    Me: Agree there. America is a monetary culture where most people don’t understand that making money isn’t the most important thing in life to all.

    CNN: “”Americans are going to have to speak more languages and be more culturally savvy”
    Me: Thats BS – a simple excuse – I haven’t been anywhere where I didn’t get by speaking English. As for culture savvy. No. Americans just need to be aware that there are different customs in different cultures and be willing to learn and adapt to those cultures when they are at that destination. I don’t think it is “savvy” as much as open-minded. Savvy seems to be another type of “monetary” kind of word here. You don’t need to be savvy. You need to have common sense and open mindedness…

    CNN: “One of the true benefits of travel to foreign countries is it’s probably the greatest form of diplomacy,”
    ME: True American thinking. When I travel I could care less about diplomacy. I travel because I want too. Don’t really care what the government america thinks… When I am out and about, I really don’ think about the benefits of diplomacy…???… Another C’mon.

    Your post up above: “No one else really likes us”
    Me: I have found just the opposite to be true. …and it seems the bigger our badder the country is on “Americas Enemy” list, the nicer the people. Politcal and social views are totally and absolutely different. This is where the word “America” gets mixed up. You either have to specify “American government” or “American people”.

    Went to Afghanistan last year …as part of a vacation… don’t believe everything you see on the news. A great people. Yemen, specatular people. Syria, some of the nicest people I have ever met. Nigeria, not bad. The one thing they all have in common, the people there love Americans.

    Good post,

    • Pernelson says:

      Good point on the last comment. Other people like us. Our government, not so much.

      I hope that your trip to the middle east was awesome. I’m very jealous. And thank you for the discussion.

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