Vanity Fair

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From left to right: Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, James Franco, Jennifer Lawrence, Anthony Mackie, Olivia Wilde, Jesse Eisenberg, Mila Kunis, Robert Duvall, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Andrew Garfield, Rashida Jones, Garrett Hedlund and Noomi Rapace (the original ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’).


I was so excited when I saw the people on the cover of Vanity Fair this year. Let’s face it, you can’t find much wrong with any of them.

Ryan Reynolds, totally hot and totally single. (Go Sunshine. Go!).

Jake Gyllenhall, the love of my life (right after Abraham Lincoln and Morgan Freeman).

Anne Hathaway, stunning in any role. Great actresses.

James Franco, so frank (pardon the pun), so open. I love it.

Jennifer Lawrence, great career ahead of her if she keeps up her acting.

Anthony Mackie, he played Tupac and a SGT in the Hurt Locker. Enough said.

Olivia Wilde, lovely young lady. From House to Tron to Weird Al?

Jesse Eisenberg, he played an asshole in the social network. A smart asshole nonetheless. I can love him for that.

Mila Kunis, drop dead gorgeous lady.

Robert Duvall, legend

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, cute as a button and a good actor. I’ll give him props.

Andrew Garfield, it’s the hair man. Cute too.

Rashida Jones, adorable and she graduated from Harvard!

Garrett Hedlund, so many different looks. Very diverse.

Noomi Rapace (the original ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’), lovely lady. I love her boldness.


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