I Done Gone And Lost My Skills.

Oh Noes! Ladies are losing their lady skills like cooking and cleaning.

Oh lord have mercy, I done gone and lost my skills. Apparently women of my generation cannot cook or clean. Aw shit. The world has gone to hell in a hand basket.

But seriously, when did men and women alike not know how to cook a meal or wash the clothes. Frankly I don’t understand it. How do you survive without knowing how to cook your own damn food, wash your own damn clothes, and I’m not even going to touch the subject of clean dishes and bathrooms? I first learned to cook when I was a wee tot. Seriously, I was like 4 or 5. My daddy stood me up in a chair by the counter and I learned to make bread from scratch. At 6, I graduated to baking a cake. Now icing it was a complete disaster but that’s neither here nor there. At 10, I learned to cook bacon. A tricky task indeed. It’s all about the heat and not rushing it. From 10 on, I was on my own. I wanted food. I cooked it.

I was my first load of clothes at 7 and from then on, I did my own laundry. Sure mom did it on occasion when she needed enough to make a load, but I did my own for the most part. At 10, I became responsible for cleaning my room and bathroom completely. I would spend my Sunday’s scrubbing away the filth of the week. I was taught how to make my own way of life at a young age. I don’t really comprehend people who can’t do these things, and the thought of someone else cleaning my house, hell no. It’s my home. I’m going to clean it.

So yes, I do value the skills that I have. I can cook, bake, and clean. I can do all the things on the list in the article. Plus I can even teach men a few things, like how to tie a tie.


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