Lost In The Sauce

I am what you would say lost in the sauce. The sauce of course being men and what the hell I should do with them. Let’s review the players below.

1. Mr. Mosquito- Still a viable option. He goes and comes but gets jealous when I hook up with other people. Not cool. It’s like he wants me but he does want me. Commitment issues dude.

2. Mr. Soup- Still a high candidate on the list. Minus the fact that he ignores me on occasion. Men equal lack of communication skills. Standard.

3. Mr. Bear- He won’t get off my nuts. I’ve tried everything under the sun and he is still standing on my branch. Irritating. How do I politely tell him to fuck off?

4. LNAYX- Don’t try to pronouce it. He is a new player to the game. Attractive. Great personality. Laid back yet has a plan. Communicates very very well. Seems into me. Then I facebook stalked him. He has a girlfriend. What the fuck dude!? Don’t like me and hit on me when you have a lady friend. Not cool.

5. Mr. Greek- Oh man I don’t know what to do with this one. I think I hurt him but not on purpose. I don’t want a relationship with him even though he is a great person. Makes me feel like an ass.

So the question is, what do I do with my players? Do I sit back and enjoy the game? Do I go after one of them hardcore? Or do I continue to play the field?

I feel like I have all of these options but no real direction. I think (or I hope rather) that other women feel like I do. I would like a companion. I know that I’m ready for one. I am rooted strong enough in myself that I know what I want and I want a mature relationship. But are most guys in their mid 20’s ready for that? I don’t think that they are but I also really don’t understand that either. Help.


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