It’s Just “A Number”

What’s your number? This lovely little loaded question was inspired by an article that I read in glamour magazine. The article discussed the number of partners these women had had and what was “normal”. What I realized was was that their isn’t such a thing as too many. Your number doesn’t define you. Your number is just a reflection of how many people you hooked up with. That’s it. It doesn’t make a difference if the number is 1 or 100. What makes a difference is if you are ok with it.

The only person that can judge you by your number is yourself. As long as you are comfortable with it, who cares? It’s only when you have regrets with your number that it becomes an issue. Baby you live and you learn. But if you never learn or deal with your past then it’s going to continue to haunt you.

Personally for me, I have no regrets about the people I have slept with. I wanted it and I got it. Why should I care if I like sex and hooking up with it without attachment?


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