“Clean” Driveway

I have a concrete thought that large machines lack the ability to properly clean roads and lots. It seems that when the snow plows are out pushing snow, they continually make the roads worse. The slush and layers of ice that form make driving even more difficult, and since cars think that the road appears clean, they begin to zip up and down the road. Thus causing accidents and plucking my nerves with their stupidity.

Now the road conditions annoy me, but the lot cleaning in front of my apartment really grates on my nerves. The picture below is my “clean” parking lot. If that’s considered clean, then I’m really 90 years old and walk with a cane everyday. The gentleman who cleaned the lot took almost 2 hours to do this. An epic fail on his part, and to think we pay him!?!? In the same amount of time, I could have hand shoveled the lot and done a better. But it’s ok to create ice patch so everybody can bump into each other act like hockey players with their cars. Let’s go!


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