Can You Eat Out Alone?

Yes. I can eat alone. I enjoy being alone. It’s not an action I relate to misery or depression. It relates to silence, peace, and freedom. When I’m alone I have the chance to think and not be judged. I can lay around in my underwear and ponder the possibilities of situations without someone telling me what is right or wrong. I can scream, cry, or just be. No mask, just raw. I can just feel the world around me. The pulsing  of society that drowns out the beat of normality. Everyone trying to be something they aren’t. No one happy. NO ONE IS ALIVE. When I’m alone I can find peace in myself and live with no regrets. I have no guilty feelings because I took the time to make peace with them. I took the time to learn from them. Turn a negative into a positive. Alone time is my freedom, and my freedom is something that I value at all costs. I love feeling free fall. Like nothing can stop me, nothing can judge me, nothing can dictate what I am or what I will be. The only thing that control me is me. I am driving my life. I’m making my own path versus taking the expressway. I don’t know where I’m going, but I sure know that when I get there I will be home.

So is eating along a problem? Hell no. I relish moments like that.

Can You Eat Out Alone? Alone and lonely.  These are two words that might sound the same to some people, because they think of them both in the same negative way.  But they are not the same.  Most people conjure up sad images of someone who is “alone,” and think of such words as cold, isolation, despair, or misery.  People are alone for a variety of reasons — some by choice, some by chance.  And while I am sure that it is depressing to some to be alone, it doesn’t mean … Read More

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