I Can’t Feel My Fingers

I have never in my life experienced being so cold that my fingers stopped working. Until today that is. I stood outside in the cold for more than 10 hours today. At first I was just thinking “Wow. My hand are really cold. Not cool.”, then I got distracted by Mr. Soup. I love to watch him in his element. He is so good at what he does. But I digress.

My hands. Cold. Not good. I experienced failure. I had to use the restroom like most people do when they have had a full camelback of water. I really had to go. So here I am in the restroom (port-a-potty), I undo my belt and then move on to the top button of my pants. What the hell!? I was trying so hard and it just wasn’t coming undone. I was doing the dance and was getting very frustrated. That was the moment when I realized that this is what Andrew felt all over in that cold Chesapeake water. Shit. Talk about things that remind you have someone out of no where.

I did my business and still struggled with buttons and my belt, but when I left the port-a-potty I was thinking about Andrew. No matter how cold I was today, he was colder. No matter how much I couldn’t move or my teeth chattered, he had experienced worse. It made me appreciate knowing that I got to come home to a warm apartment and see my friends tonight.


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