Leave Me Alone

If I could give out 10 of these a day I would actually be able to accomplish stuff at work. For some reason simply telling people “Ok. Ok. Thank you. Ok. Yes. Yes. Thank you. I know. I got it. Thank you.” doesn’t seem to convey that you actually don’t give a shit what they are saying, and that you have 20 other things you need to be doing other than listening to them on repeat.

I experience this a lot at work. Instead of all the bullshit, just get to the damn point. Furthermore, do not bitch just to hear yourself talk. I am not interested. I do not want to hear you complain. I want you to do your job. Once your job is completed, then we can sit around and gossip. In the mean time, if you start talking and I politely tell you that I don’t have time to deal with it right now, I highly suggest that you do two things: one, shut up. two, send me an email on it. If you continue to talk, I’m going to continue to lose my patiences. K? Thanks.

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