I Want A Side Kick.

I realized about two weeks ago that I do actually want a boyfriend at some point in the near future. There are times when I have a desire to be comforted. My friends and family can’t give me that in the same way that a man can. I want to be love, cared for, and adored. I’m ready to jump off that cliff with someone again. To fall aimlessly, without a care in the world. I want those Friday night dinners. I want breakfast in bed Sunday mornings. I want random displays of affection (not public though. PDA is a no go). I want to care for someone as much as they care for me.

Now, the challenge is to find someone worthy of that to me. I’m keeping my eyes open, sitting back, sipping my tea, and enjoying the view for now.

The first time I realized I do want a boyfriend

The first time I realized I do want a boyfriend I went out with my ex-boyfriend for almost 4 years. We were both studying in university and when I finished and got a job, we were still going strong. We looked good together. He was a bit taller than me, had a hot muscular body and a laugh and smile that could charm anyone. I was a confident and happy chick who adored him.  We got through hurdles such as being of different races, different religions, different countries. It seemed we could get t … Read More

via My First Time.


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