Back It Up

Recently, I observed Mr. Soup’s upper backside. Now I know you are thinking “what the hell is wrong with this child?!?” but just hear me out. I think that the back, on a fit person, is the sexiest part of the human body. From the little bump of your spine at the base of your neck, down to the dip in your lower back. The muscles moving and contracting. The amount of pure strength it holds. The back is just gorgeous if it is properly attended to.

Mr. Soup has a damn near perfect upper backside. The bump of his spine extends out to his broad shoulders via his sculpted traps. The flow from his shoulders to his exquisite arms makes your skin tingle. His upper arm is a clear display of his muscular build. His forearm a sign of the strength of his grip. His hands–a mix between care and affection, and brutal force.  When he’s traps are flexed, I can see the results of long hours spent preparing for the Marine Corps. His lats reflect the animal that he really is. His control and coordination. The ability to move on a dime with the simple endurance of this muscle. He is thick, but it’s nothing but muscle. Not an ounce of fat lies there. His lower back. So narrow, yet so strong. The dip in the middle only a display of the muscles on the sides. The development, the results, of training, preparing.

I can close my eyes and picture every inch of it perfectly. Like I said, he’s an animal. A  powerhouse capable of tenderness and killing. Safe arms to hold you and hands to protect you. Nothing is better than relaxing into that image, or better yet in person, at the end of a long day.


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