What To Wear?!

1. I hate picking out clothes. It’s entirely too time consuming.
2. What you wear on a job interview is important, and frankly it stresses me out.
3. I have never interviewed for a job that I wasn’t in a uniform for, or more “yuppy” dressed.
4. After digging through my clothes for 2 hours I finally found something that will work. I look very…government. Black suit, white shirt, gag!
5. Now it comes down to the shoes. Black heels or red heels? I’m leaning to the red heels. They are still professional, but it gives them something to remember me by. Thoughts?
6. Finally, if I don’t get this job at least I know that the next interview that I do will be much more chill. I’m moving away and becoming a bum for a year.


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