To Kiss And Tell

Is it really so wrong to kiss and tell? I’m still on the fence about this one. Now I don’t go telling my business to everyone, but I do feel like if and when someone asks me about it, I’m going to tell them exactly what happened. Is that really so wrong? I mean really? All I’m doing is telling the truth. I do not feel compelled to lie about the situation in order to protect “something”. But what is that “something”? Pride? Emotion? An ego?

The way I see it is if I do lie, it’s like being ashamed of what I did, of which I am so not. I am not ashamed of anything I have done in the kiss and tell department. I wanted it when I wanted it and I got it. Now, would I do it again, well that depends on the situation and the person, but that’s a different subject. Plus, when asked, if I do kiss and tell, then I eliminate all of the rumors on the spot. Now if my partner wants to deny it, then that’s something that we can discuss in private, and I will win for the record.

Another positive for me for kissing and telling is that I usually get awesome reactions from my friends. Those reactions, no lie, fuel numerous conversations after the fact. Furthermore, I like getting the “atta girl” from my friends. They know me well enough that when I do get what I want, I’m stoked about it for at least a month if not more. Fucking unicorns on my farm.

Until next time, listen to some Luda. I’m in love with this song at the moment. “I be your side piece but what’s our future plans, cause I be on ya like damn!” ♥



One thought on “To Kiss And Tell

  1. Ms. EatsPlentyofCheeseburgers says:

    farm on.

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