Frank’s Cheesesteak

There are just certain foods that make my mouth water. Grandma’s pancakes, MaMa Perry’s cornbread, a Ruth Chris steak, Five Guys hamburgers, and a Frank’s cheesesteak. Now most of these foods I don’t brag about or state that “I got grandma’s pancakes!”. However, for Mr. Mosquito, I will always make a point to tell him I got a Frank’s cheesesteak. Whether its a tagged Facebook post, or text message, I make it know that he should be jealous that I’m eating one of the best sandwiches and he can’t have one.

They are the most perfect cheesesteaks I have ever tasted. The gooey cheese with the meat, onions and peppers. Top it off with a little lettuce and tomato. Toast the bread just a little. Yum. But I digress.

Our cheesesteak fetish started back in the Spring of 2010. We made our way to Frank’s one day after working (him more than me) our ass off on a 5K run…in the pouring down, freezing cold rain. The cheesesteak was glorious. From that moment on we shared our love for the Frank’s cheesesteak.

In April, I’ll never forget being at school with a Frank’s cup in my hand talking to a friend and my phone goes off. All it says is, “I know that’s not a Frank’s cup in your hand!”. Where Mr. Mosquito was to spot me I’m still not sure but he caught me and called me out. Every since then we have had rivalries about Frank’s. It’s one of the many things that we have bonded over, and one that as long as Frank’s never dies, neither will our bond.

So if you haven’t had a Frank’s cheesesteak, you need to go get one. Now. Find a friend, make a bond, and let your mouth have an orgy with that sandwich!


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