The Hangover

If my year goes like last night did, oh boy. When I woke up this morning feeling like I was in the movie The Hangover. There was people and shit everywhere. There were 4 people in a king size bed, 2 or 3 more on the floor next to the bed. It was too much to handle.

Then it hit me. I had a pain in my leg. What the hell! I looked down to notice a softball size bruise on my shin. Puzzled I racked my foggy brain for an explanation. Nothing. Oh well. It happens. I didn’t have a hangover either. Usually I would be happy about this but I was majorly concerned. The hangover was coming and it was going to be horrible.

In my very puzzled state, I got ready for the day. Got in my truck. As soon as it started to move I realized I was still fucked up. Shit. That’s definitely not good. Even though I only drove a short distance today, it was work. Hangover prevention and trying to remember last night work.

Slowly things started to come back to me. I remember those vodka redbulls at the hotel. That’s how we started the night. Oh and the tequila shot (makes me quiver thinking about it). On to dinner, another vodka redbull. Steak and carrot was fucking delicious. On to the bar. Not my type of music and no redbull. Made the switch to jack and coke. Warded off advances from men, particularly Grace Kelly.

On to the hotel. Ran intervention for some of the ladies. Nobody likes a creeper. I had 7&7’s. I can’t tell you how many. Champaign at midnight. There were lots of shots. People dancing on tables. Visit from the cops. Loud music. Fireworks. I smoked cigarettes, which I never ever do. Lots of texting, some even came with pictures. Fuck yes! Lot of people taking pictures. Way too much PDA. Tattoo showing.

The light bulb went off. My bruise was because I fell off a table. Hahahahahaha! I gave myself a pat on the back for that one. I’m also missing a chunk of skin from my thumb and I have dried blood on my hands. Weird. Still don’t have an explanation for that.

The night was epic to say the least. I had stayed awake for 45 hours and partied like a rockstar. Now I’m crashing like Lindsey Lohan. Oh the price we pay for the things we do.


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