All Quiet On The Western Front

Today, road trip day three, we drove across Kansas. The most exciting thing I saw today was llamas, buffalo, my first tumble weed, those big windmills, and cows running. The road trip partner was quiet for most of the ride but he is starting to get mouthy now. Anyways, Kansas is one of the most boring states ever. We eventually got to Colorado, which boring. Denver from the outside was a disappointment. We’ll see how it pans out for the night.

As for the day, I have completely relied on my friends for entertainment on the road. Some much, much more please to look at and talk to (if you catch my drift) than others. (HA. Take that one last stab of information you didn’t want to know Mr. Boxer!) I spent most of the day daydreaming about what I could do with time, my job, my life. Most of the are thoughts inappropriate and can’t be written on here, but that’s not the point. Just know I daydreamed for 10 hours and I was nice. I ignored my driving buddy. He’s annoyance isn’t going to distract me from my dreaming. He got one word answers and nods all day.

Ok enough bitching. Vegas tomorrow.


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