It’s Like Traveling With A Woman

Day 2 of the road trip. Lexington, Kentucky to Kansas City, and my friends enter woman came out big time. We were doing well until someone sent him a text message after we left St. Louis. Then the huffing and buffing in the passenger seat began. Now I’m a woman so I know what that means. We are going to sit over there and makes loud noises until you ask us what is wrong. Then we are going to saying nothing and expect you to ask again. No thanks. I’m not playing that game with my passenger. So I ignored him.

It worked like a charm until we got to Columbus and stopped to eat. He gave me the “I’m about to wreck 2 and a half weeks of being sober” speech. I told him I didn’t care, he drank last night, and that he needed to grow the fuck up. I don’t deal well with small bladders in the car and he’s being a moody little bitch. Which by the way I told him that too in the bar at dinner and the guy beside us busted out laughing. My friend then apologized for being a woman. Ha. Point proven.

The silent treatment and being harshly blunt seems to be the best way to communicate and get my point across. Later on he told me he appreciated my frankness. I simply replied “You’re welcome and you are responsible for your own happiness.”

On a side note, the arch in St. Louis was legit. I went up in it and was highly impressed. On to Denver tomorrow!



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