Pluck Pluck

Road trip day one and I’m already ready to kill the little shit with me. But I digress.

I picked this kid to go with me on my roadtrip because I needed someone to go with me and he volunteered. I knew right away I was going to regret it but I needed a battle buddy. I pick him up today and he immediately starts talking. “Ok,” I think, “Breathe. Just let him talk it out. He’ll shut up eventually.” Three hours later the truck goes silent. Finally!

I spoke too soon. He started talking again. This time about his one night stand and how he felt guilty. Sorry friend but I’m the wrong motherfucking person to tell your sob story too. 1. WHO THE FUCK WOULD SLEEP WITH HIM? 2. I’m the wrong person I give advice on that shit. I told him that I had no shame so I wouldn’t feel bad because I got what I wanted. Wrong, maybe. But it’s the truth.

Oh the joys of bonding on a roadtrip. If I am silent he’ll stop talking right?


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