A Lot Of Things Change In A Year

I woke up on vacation day four to an empty house. I panicked. For those of you who don’t know I have an unrealistic fear of bring left. If I go to sleep with someone in the bed and wake up alone, I panic. When the house is full of people when I go to sleep and empty when I wake up, I am petrified. When I realize that I’m alone and literally can’t breathe. I choke up, my eyes begin to water, my mind races, and fear overcomes me.

Mr. Greek had gone. He had left home, but he did leave a note. After I calmed down, I decided that I was going to rest until Sunshine had come home. Drifting off to sleep, I was later rewoken by Sunshine milling about in the house. My nerves calmed and by normal senses back, I ventured out of the bed to bond with Sunshine. I soon landed myself back in bed.

Given that it’s Christmas Eve, the girls decided to do Christmas then at 11AM. Picture it. Three 20 some odd year old girls piled up in a full size bed exchanging Christmas gifts. Classy. 1 bag of oreos, a Kesha cd, a Barnes & Noble gift card, some knives, and a candle later Christmas was done. We moved onto sex talk.

We gossiped for a while and eventually tore ourselves away from the moment. I motivated and got ready for the day, Sunshine went to sleep, and the other cousin went back to Ma’s. I eventually followed her up to the house, ate, fiddled on the computer for a bit, and continued to think.

I giggled to myself some when I was thinking about one year ago today. I’m still trying to contain my laughter. One year ago today I was rocking a huge hickey and several other markings from the hands (and mouth) of Mr. Nelson. And to think I didn’t even have sex with them then. Christmas came early last year and it was fucking awesome.

Moving on. I made my way to Ma’s to make the commute to the country house where we spent Christmas. Upon leaving the house I stepped out on a limb and texted Mr. Nelson. 5 minutes later I actually got a response. Kind of shocked me. We had a few causal exchanges and then he dropped the huge elephant in the room.

Mr. Nelson: I see. So what made you decide to get in touch again? Not that I mind. Me: I finally stopped being mad to be honest.
Mr. Nelson: Fair enough.
Me: I know it sounds a bit ridiculous but I realized the other day when someone said your name that I wasn’t mad anymore. And I really didn’t see the point in not talking to you.
Mr. Nelson: Well I’m glad you decided that. So what are you doing up in (this place)?
Me: Ha. Me too. I don’t really have any plans minus christmas lunch tomorrow. Probably gonna be bored to tears. Mr. Nelson: Are we back to normal enough to hang out while we’re both in town? Me: I’d like to think so yes.
Mr. Nelson: I mean I’m not holding any resentment so I’d say yes.

And there we have it. We were once fuck buddies and now we are friends again. My my how things can change in six months to a year. So tomorrow we will be meeting for beers. Wish me luck!


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