Creative Heaven

"The walls and ceiling in an office are covered with chalkboard paint. The desk is made from a wing of a World War II plane; the chair once belonged to a military dentist." --Originally entitled Far From Conservative on

The first time I saw this picture I was immediately jealous! I’m not an overly creative person, but the thought of being able to have a room like this would be amazing. Being able to write on the board, or draw whenever you felt like it . Of course, the room being black is a plus too. I would definitely add in some strings so I could hang up magazine articles or pictures that are humorous and/or inspirational. Add a loveseat or a perfectly comfortable chair, with a warm blanket and pillow. Just a touch of bright color here and there, and I place to set my books. I would be set.

I love things that are out of the ordinary. Abstract makes me smile. Perhaps it’s because that’s how I see myself sometimes. Regardless, this room, or something similar to it, will serve as an inspiration to me. The day I get that “dream house”, this will be a room in it. This will be my mancave. If my husband or my children enter the room, they will be sworn not to touch a thing. But until then, I’ll settle for my plain white walls, and a pen and piece of paper. Blah.


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