If I Could…

After having a mild case of writers block, I visited a prompt website to generate ideas. The immediate prompt that jumped out at me was “If there were no consequences, what’s the most evil thing you would do?” Easy. I will slowly dismantle someone who I absolutely hated, or I would become an assassin. Morbid, I know, but that is a part of me.

First, dismantling someone I hated would bring me more joy that you would ever know. Making them slowly feel physical pain for the emotional pain that they made me feel is like icing on my birthday cake. Hacking off body parts really isn’t my style initially. You have to start with the little things, like plucking hair, or papercuts. Then you increase the pain with larger sections, cuts, bruises.  Keep in mind that this would stretch over time. So and so forth until they give up on life and then you take theirs.

Second, I would be an assassin. I mean seriously, why would you not want to get paid to pull off a once in a life time shot, help someone out, and get paid for it without consequence. It would be the thrill of a lifetime.

But on a more important note. If we lived in a world without consequence, would we really have any order? Although everyone thinks of things they would like to do to others, we never would actually do them. Why? Not because we are afraid of the consequences, but more that we know that our lives as normal will no longer continue. We would be creating disruption in order, a task which is not favorable. When you break societies norms, you pay in one way or the other for them. The cost of  these “freedoms” aren’t worth the price for most people in the end. So although these would be nice to actually partake in, they will remain a dream for most of us, which honestly is the way that it should be.



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