My Friends Speak To My Soul

I like to think about the future and what it will be like. No one can really predict it but it’s sure fun to imagine it. I always look back and see how much joy my closest friends bring me. They make me laugh continuously and if anyone ever recorded us, we’d be in trouble. I was talking last night with a close friend of mine, Peace, and I think we captured our friendship pretty damn well.

Peace: “God is laughing at how retarded our lives are right now.”

Love: “Yes. Yes he is. He can be a really twisted fellow.”

Peace: “The sick part is he knows the ending of this horror story and he won’t tell.”

Love: “True I guess the same lessons won’t be learned if we already know the ending though.”

Peace: “That’s a cute way to look at it. We’re about to be fucking geniuses by the ending.”

Love: “Our poor, poor husbands.”

Peace: “Oh God. They’re dead men. We’re some crazy bitches.”

Love: “I can drink to that.”

Peace: “Seriously we should have just been lesbians. The sex doesn’t seem nearly as enjoyable though.”

Love: “True. Plus it’s more fun to procreate the earth with mini-us’.”

Peace: “It’ll be like little devils running rampant around the south. I hope my kid marries your kid. Imagine how terrible the grand-babies would be!”

No  one knows me better than my closet friends. They know when something is wrong, even when I try to hide it. They can finish my sentences and often times know what I’m thinking before I even say it aloud. My friends are like the heart beat of my soul and then reason they know me like they do is because they have seen my soul. Good and bad. I know that they will be there with me through the good and the bad. They will toast my successes and console my failures. They have seen my imperfections and they still like me, surprisingly. My friends know me better than I know myself sometimes and leaning on them is the hardest, yet best thing I will ever do. Being with them is like being home. The joy that you feel with people who you completely trust can not be topped. I can’t wait to be causing mayhem in the nursing home with them. Those poor nurses and caretakers. I hope that one day they will be able to speak of me as I think of them.


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