We Are All Gold Diggers

I’m just going to throw this out there. We are all gold digging whores. Now before you go and get all mad at me, I want you to seriously consider what I’m saying. We can spot the gold diggers who do not bother to cover their tracks. Jumping from one man to the next, with their valley girl styles screaming “Oh baby, I love you so much for buying me that D&G just-got-to-have it pair of shades that cost you way more than you can afford.” Classic W&L (just to name one college). Now we all judge them and think that the men that they date are morons. The problem is, do we really have any right to do so?

Please note the graph to the right. We read it and agree. We think back about the delicious man at the fire department, Mr. McDreamy, etc. But why are we really attracted to them? Sure they look all hot and steamy in their work clothes, but are we solely attracted to them based on looks. Probably not. We take in the total package. We look at their face, can we stand looking at that without at paper bag covering it? We take in their “package” (men and women), and evaluate if that will satisfy us. We take into account their ability to carry on an intelligent conversation, interact appropriately, their sense of humor, their ability to cook (or lack there of), their likes and dislikes with animals, the vehicle they drive, so on and so forth. But I want to you seriously consider something  if you found the perfect mate. I mean that they are totally flawless. Would you still be attracted to the person if they didn’t have a dime to their name? Chances are you wouldn’t. No one likes to admit that they are that shallow, but let’s face it, we all are. If your significant other could not financially support his or her self, would you seriously be willing to jump into a relationship with them? Once again, no.

Money sweetens the pot. You don’t have to have it to make a happy relationship, but you do need it to maintain a balanced relationship. If you have significantly more money than your partner, then eventually you will get irritated with them constantly asking for you to do this or that, knowing damn good and well they are spending your hard-earned money. It is a natural reaction. You worked your ass off for what you have, why should someone else rep your rewards with no effort put forth? We are all greedy for something. On the same token, your rich partner doesn’t want your lazy rotten ass putting your hand up in their cookie jar. Sugar mamas and sugar dads aren’t always there. We all dig for a little gold. Some of us get lucky and hit the jackpot. Just remember if you had to choose between the financially stable professor who could provide for your family, or the Walmart greater, it’s ok to be shallow and go with the professor as long as you actually love the person for who they are. If you don’t actually love them chances are you will end up with a divorce (and they probably had you sign a prenuptial agreement if they are smart).


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