Grade A Nerd

I found this sweet like diagram on a link to The Frisky. Before viewing the diagram, I giggled at the title. “What type of nerd are you?” Others may not find this humorous but I do. See, in high school, I went to two, actually three, schools at the same time. My junior year of high school, I entered a Governor’s School. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s one of those schools for the gifted and talented, super nerdy, smart kids.  The one I went to was for math, science, and technology.

Back to the topic, when I read the title I immediately thought, “Oh this should be fun. I’m going to be off the charts.” Well as you can see I wasn’t expecting the diagram. Regardless, armed with my nerd school shirt (yes I have a legit shirt that says nerd school on the back), I viewed the diagram. Shock and awe. Shock and awe. As I looked at the diagram I began to panic. I realized that I may have not really been a nerd after all. My pride was about to be shot into a million little pieces! Then my wheels started turning. I can rationalize this so that I am a nerd. I know I can.

Let’s take on obsession. That’s an easy one. I obsess over understanding things, reading, traveling, and my love for Abe. (Shut up Mr. Boxer).

Let’s move on to intelligence. Although I don’t like to toot my horn, I did attend Governor’s school, my high school, and college in my senior year in high school, while running track. I did receive my undergraduate and graduate degree in the same amount of time that it takes most people to graduate from a four-year school. Ok, I’m done. I want to make myself gag, so I know that you are about ready to punch me.

Ok so at least I know I’m at geek, which by the way it’s a huge insult to call a nerd a geek.

Finally let’s trot on over to social ineptitude. I’m thinking. I’m thinking. I’m thinking. (I feel like the dumbass ‘The Thinker’ statue in “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian”). Oh god I can’t be a geek! I know how to socialize. Talk to people. Introduce myself. Be the life of the party. Bound and determined not to be geek, I kept thinking. Days and days on end of thinking about this, it finally dawned on me, I had it! I had social ineptitude. Maybe not in the original sense, but I do have it. My issue is that I don’t know how not to be an asshole sometimes. I feel compelled, especially once I have been drinking, to tell you what I think. Offend times I forget that other people do not have a tough skin like I do. So when I lay it out there I get pissed when they get all emotional on me. No thank you.

But on a brighter note, I am a nerd. A grade A nerd!


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